Email Collection

The Email Collection is a feature that allows you to keep a record of all email data of people using the chatbot.

When you enter the Chatbot popup window, firstly people’s email addresses will be asked. After the email address is written in the field highlighted in yellow and clicking the right arrow button. Now you have the email address.

After the conversations in the chatbot, when you want to check the data, you will enter the AI Bud admin panel, and then go to the Chatbot section on there.

One of the most important points is; that you should turn on the “Save Logs” button to collect the Chatbot data. If “Save Logs” mode is on, then click the “LOGS” button in the upper right corner.

image 43

When you enter the Logs page, you will see all of the data of the Chatbot conversations. In the second column, you can follow the email list. As we mentioned before you can see the conversation details by clicking the eye icon or delete by clicking the trash icon.

If you want documentation about them, Logs also provides you “CSV” format. When you click the “CSV” button, which is in the top left corner of the chatbot page, you will export the all recorded chatbot archives as an Excel document. Now you have the document to track, compare, and improve all your data.