Using the Block Editor Features

The Block Editor provides a user-friendly interface that simplifies the process of creating and editing content. It is organized into blocks, making adding, editing, and rearranging text, images, videos, and more easy.

How to Create AI Content in Block Editor? #

image 29

When you add a new post, in the Block Editor interface, you will see the (+) icon, click on it. The block inserter window will open, look for the AI Bud integration within the Block Editor and choose it from that part.

image 28

After that step, the AI Buddy Content Generator window will open, and you can arrange AI Model, Language, Writing Style, and Writing Tone options from there. After setting the options as you want, write the main subject of your writing in the yellow highlighted area, then click the “Run Prompt” button.

image 27

According to your subject and chosen options, AI Buddy Content Generator will create content for you. If this content is proper for your block, click the “Use this content” button.

image 26

Now you have the prepared content using AI Buddy Content Generator on the Block Editor page divided into paragraphs, and subtitles in detail subtitles

By following these steps, users can easily and efficiently utilize the AI Bud Plugin within the Block Editor to create high-quality AI-generated content for their WordPress website.