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Content Builder

The content builder of AiBud can be used to generate a wide range of text-based content, such as blog posts.

Block Editor Support

Embrace the power of intuitive content creation with our Block Editor Support feature. Designed to integrate into the WordPress Block Editor seamlessly, this functionality provides a familiar and user-friendly environment for crafting engaging content. Whether you’re a seasoned WordPress user or new to the platform, you can leverage the full capabilities of our AI-powered plugin directly within the Block Editor interface. Say goodbye to switching between different platforms or interfaces and hello to a streamlined content creation experience.

Bulk Content Builder

Bulk Content Builder feature revolutionizes content creation by enabling you to generate multiple pieces of content at once. Whether you’re crafting blog posts, product descriptions, or any other type of content, this tool empowers you to create in bulk, saving you valuable time and effort. With just a few clicks, you can define the quantity of content you need, allowing you to effortlessly scale your content production. Embrace efficiency and productivity as you say goodbye to creating content one piece at a time.

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Image Generator

 Image Generator feature, where creativity meets automation. With this powerful tool, you can effortlessly create captivating visuals for your website, marketing materials, and more.

Effortless Image Creation for Stunning Visual

Transform your ideas into reality with Image Generator. This feature enables you to generate high-quality images instantly, eliminating the need for design skills or software. Simply input your prompts and watch as the AI-powered generator brings your vision to life. From logos to banners, unlock limitless creative potential with ease.

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Playground feature, an interactive hub where you can explore the boundless capabilities of AI.

Interactive AI Exploration and Experiment

Dive into the world of AI with our Playground feature. This interactive tool allows you to engage directly with our AI models, asking questions and receiving immediate responses. Explore the capabilities of AI in real-time, adjusting settings like Temperature and Max Tokens to control creativity and response length. Unlock a universe of potential with our AI Playground.

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Enhance user interaction with the Chatbot feature. Integrated seamlessly into your website, this dynamic tool provides immediate support and personalized responses. From answering queries to guiding users, our Instant assistant streamlines communication and fosters engagement. Experience seamless assistance and enriched user engagement with Chatbot.


Keep track of conversations with the Logs feature. Gain valuable insights into user interactions and engagement patterns. From analyzing customer queries to improving response strategies, our logs empower you to optimize communication and enhance user experience. Unlock comprehensive insights for informed decision-making with our Chat Logs. 

Popup Window

Enhance user interaction with our Popup Window feature. Deliver targeted messages and offers to visitors with ease. The Chat bot appears on the bottom right corner of the screen in the form of Popup. From promoting products to capturing leads, our customizable popup windows drive engagement and conversions. 

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Fine Tuning

Where AI meets precision customization. Elevate your AI experience by customizing models to your exact specifications. 

Personalizing AI for Enhanced Performance

Refine and customize your AI models with our Fine Tuning feature. Tailor the performance of your chatbot to match your specific needs and preferences. From adjusting response accuracy to enhancing conversational flow, fine-tuning empowers you to optimize your AI’s capabilities. Fine-tuning elevates your AI capabilities, allowing you to refine and customize pre-trained models integrated into the plugin. It allows you to enhance performance and tailor the AI to suit your specific requirements better.

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WooCommerce Product Generator

WooCommerce Product Generator: Simplifying store management. With this feature, creating product listings becomes effortless.

Streamlined Listing Product Generation

Integrated with AiBud and Open AI, automates the creation of product listings, eliminating the need for manual field filling. Instantly create detailed product descriptions, saving you time and effort. Boost your store’s appeal and customer engagement with professionally crafted descriptions, effortlessly generated with our tool.

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Comment Generator

Comment Generator: Redefining user engagement. With this cutting-edge tool, gathering feedback becomes a breeze.

Automated Comment Generation Solution

AI Comment Generator feature, designed to simplify the process of gathering feedback and reviews for your website. With advanced AI technology at its core, this tool automatically generates insightful comments for product reviews and blog posts. Instead of struggling to solicit feedback, receive a wealth of user-generated content. Boost engagement and credibility with authentic, AI-generated comments that resonate with your audience.