Chatbot is an OpenAI artificial intelligence-based program designed to interact with people through natural language processing. OpenAI Chatbot can be added to the website to provide automated customer service, personal assistance, and other conversational interfaces.

The Chatbot is available in the Pro version of the plugin.

Shortcode #

The shortcode for ChatBot can be copied from the top right corner of the screen.

The shortcode must be added to the page to display the bot window.

Once the page has loaded, the chatbot will be visible to users, enabling them to initiate and maintain a conversation. Users can type messages into a designated chat box, and the chatbot will respond in real-time. The chatbot’s responses are automated by OpenAI.

General options of ChatBot #

In the General section of the Chatbot, you can apply basic settings to control the behavior of the Chatbot.

image 51
  • Mode – You can select the chatbot mode that suits your preferences. The bot will then respond to people’s queries using either text or images.

Chat Mode

Image Mode

image 53
  • Model – At present, the Davinci model is the sole suitable model for generating written content. However, once more advanced models become accessible, you will have the option to select from among them.
  • Temperature – is a parameter used in language models that determines the creativity and randomness of the generated text. A higher temperature results in more creative and diverse responses, while a lower temperature produces more conservative and predictable responses. It essentially controls the degree of uncertainty and randomness in the model’s output.
  • Max Tokens – Max Tokens refers to the maximum number of tokens or discrete units of text, that can be input into a natural language processing (NLP) model at one time.
  • Add a default chatbot to the website – Chatbot will be displayed on every page of the website without adding a shortcode manually.
  • Set as Default Options – The options set above will be used as the default. Please be cautious if the ‘Popup window’ feature is enabled and multiple chatbots are added to the same page, as they may overlap each other.
  • Casually Fine Tuned – Separators used during the training of the model are also used in the chatbot and the way completions are generated.
  • Formatting – Markdown is supported, so it is highly recommended that you include the phrase ‘Use Markdown’ in your content.

ChatBot Appearance #

You can customize the overall appearance and change labels in the appearance settings of the ChatBot. All changes that were made will be reflected in ChatBot Preview:

  • Popup window – The Chat bot appears on the bottom right corner of the screen in the form of Pop up:
  • Full screen – Adds option to launch chatbot in Full-screen mode:
  • Dark mode – enables dark mode.